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Welcome to the website MaDi family suites which are located in the town of Senj.



          Town of Senj is the biggest urban agglomeration on Croatian coast, located between two cities: Rijeka and Zadar, covering 658 square kilometers. Town area includes 76 kilometers of coastline. It is on 14 54' 10'' eastern longitude and 44 59' 24'' north latitude.
          Senj is typical, yet unique coastal town with population of 6000 people, located on a point between the sea and a small unarable land, on a border of two mountains: Velebit and Kapela. Senj as we know it today, ancient Senia, is the oldest Croatian coastal town.

          30 centennials have passed since its foundation. Being the shortest natural link between the sea and inland, Senia had become very important North Adriatic trade and seaport centre in Ancient Roman times. In those times the town had been, regarding both its area and importance, greater than it is today, which can be witnessed by necropolis, epigraphic monuments and other antiques. Senia had been destroyed during great migrations. In the beginning of 7th century, on ruins of ancient town, inhabited Slavic people founded a new town, today's Senj. Senj acquires its importance in the 12th century. In the 16th century it becomes shelter for numerous immigrants who hide from Turks, and become Senj Uskoci - rebels. It can be said that other name for Senj is Nehaj (fort). It was built in 1558. by Captain Ivan Lenkovic, native of Senj, to protect the town form Turks and Mlecani. He used destroyed churches and convents outside the town limits in construction. This way other antiques were built into it and preserved, one of them being so-called 'Senj Glagolic Tablet' of 11th century. Šabac fort of 13th century is a part of coastal forts. Madrid Treaty of 1617. scattered Uskoks and burned their ships. The golden age of Senj's development begun with building Josephine road (connecting Karlovac and Senj), in the end of 1270th, until building first railroads in the Northern Adriatic in the 1870th. Due to development and importance in the past, the contemporary Senj is a town-museum, so to speak. Its urban centre has typical Mediterranean architecture with an abundance of narrow streets and town squares and an abundance of sacral and profane cultural and historic monuments. Today's Senj is the most important communication and transit centre between cities Rijeka and Zadar.

          Its coastline is located beneath Velebit Mountain, and is characterized by untouched, ecologically preserved nature with an abundance of bays, sand beaches, draga, ports and small ports which hide towns: St. Juraj, Lukovo, Klada, Starigrad, Stinica, Jablanac and Prizna…, as well as fiord Zavratnica.

If your journey takes you here, either as a stop, or a destination, we suggest you attend the great Senj summer carnival in August. On streets, town squares and in completely preserved yards (renaissance Lion yard, palace yard in Uskok street, Vukasovic Palace – museum) the life of the town is happening. Your vacation will be enriched with gastronomical offer of restaurants, cafes, pastry shops and, above all, kindness and friendliness of its inhabitants.

         Enjoy beauties of our clean and beautiful sea. Our vegetation provides shade for everyone, especially when most needed, in long, hot summer days. Come, we are expecting you!


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